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Clinical Studies

The development of medicinal products requires scientifically proven and data-robust clinical studies in humans. We are happy to bring our many years of expertise in preparing data collection for our clients.

We have a broad range of experience in all phases of clinical research. From First in Human, to Phase I studies, to Phase II and Phase III studies, observational studies and post-authorization studies. If a paper-based CRF should be advantageous in your development project, you will benefit from our modern and fast, partly scan-based entry process, so that the paper CRF can have significant financial advantages over an eCRF, especially for monocentric studies with smaller numbers of subjects, without leading to critical time loss.

Our quality approach also leads to very good data quality for your non-interventional study. Our ediary solutions and cleverly designed reminder and up-escalation apps are beneficial for you here, both in clinical trials and non-interventional studies.

Data protection, data economy and the fulfillment of all applicable and valid regulations, whether for Europe, for the USA or for other regions of the world, are just as integral to us, as the adherence to time agreements.

We will be happy to advise you on the type of data collection, processing and evaluation that is suitable for your type of study.

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