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Electronical Data Capture

Electronic Data Capture

SocraMetrics not only develops project and customer specific single case solutions, but also general software applications, around the needs of clinical research.

In almost every project, electronic data plays an increasing role. Our experienced team of SAS programmers ensures the seamless integration of laboratory data, bioanalytical data or data from other sources, into the study database. We coordinate interfaces and data formats with data suppliers, validate the programs used, and ensure data integrity from the data supplier to the final clinical data base. Translations into standard nomenclature or alignments of units are a matter of course.

For several years we have been developing DATA Samples, an integrated system for recording and tracking all types of samples. In particular, we focus on the needs of small clinical research organizations, where a full LIMS is not profitable. The great flexibility and the transparent licensing model allow the system to grow with your requirements. The development and validation of DATA Samples takes place under the strict guidelines of GAMP5. We will be pleased to demonstrate our system in productive operation at our partner company, SocraTec R&D in Erfurt.

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SocraMetrics and SocraTec R&D are officially ANVISA certified!

In November 2022 the Brazilian Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária - ANVISA approved SocraTec R&D and SocraMetrics to conduct clinical trials and Data Management & Biostatistics for clinical trials, fully meeting the agency’s stringent regulations. With this certificate we will be able to help our customers achieving their goals on the Brazilian market.

We are really proud of our team and the effort everyone put into the application and inspection processes.