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Statistic Data Evaluation

Statistical Evaluation

Regardless of whether one's requirement is clinical studies of phases I to IV, data collection in the drug application research or drug epidemiology, or analyses from existing data sets - we will find the answers to your questions in the field of statistics.

Analysis of existing data
Study concept
Study protocoll / SAP
Support of the study conduct
Performance of the statistical analysis

Special requirements and complex statistics

In a complex world of regulatory requirements and study-specific approaches, we endeavor to provide solutions that work, even for special situations. The scenarios here range from adaptive study designs to complex evaluation approaches. According to our corporate values, this service also includes the open and comprehensively supervised integration of external expertise, in particular through cooperation with our long-standing partners.

We will find the right answers on your statistics questions.
Mr. Wedemeyer is at your disposal.

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New GCP Training Courses now available at SocraTec R&D

Our sister company SocraTec R&D has now added GCP training courses to their service portfolio.

From now on you can book the following training courses through their website:

Grundlagenkurs für Mitglieder eines Prüfungsteams bei klinischen Prüfungen nach der Europäischen Verordnung (EU) Nr. 536/2014 (Humanarzneimittel)

Aufbaukurs für Prüfer und Hauptprüfer bei klinischen Prüfungen nach der Europäischen Verordnung (EU) Nr. 536/2014 (Humanarzneimittel)

So if you are interested in taking these classes, go to the SocraTec R&D website to learn more. The first GCP training alreday starts in May 2023.