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Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Herrmann

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Herrmann

As a student, Stephan Herrmann has chosen a training path that is a little unusual but optimal for his current job at SocraMetrics: he is a graduate engineer for engineering computer science and covers both electrical engineering and computer science. In his diploma thesis he has specialised in electronic data capture.

During his first work as a student assistant in the test station of SocraTec he got to know the fascination of clinical studies. His main interests in the field of Electronic Data Capture qualified him not only to deal with all validation questions of IT in connection with GAMP5 but also CFR 21 Part 11. His enthusiasm for data handling has always motivated him to optimise IT processes of the company. From the very beginning, i.e. since 2007, Stephan Herrmann has accompanied all computerised systems of SocraMetrics with his background of experience and is responsible for the IT concept and all related validation measures.

Stephan Herrmann has started his professional career with high performance control programming. He is proficient in various programming languages, among others SAS, C#, PHP, SQL, VBA and in the administration of Windows networks.

Since 2007, he has accompanied all clinical studies of SocraMetrics on the IT level and is consequently also a member of the German CDISC User Group.

His creativity, his experience in clinical trials and his very sound IT experience background enable him to develop suitable solutions for all programming and/or IT-relevant questions - up to the in-house development of an Electronic Data Capture System tailored to Early Phase Trials. His validation competence also includes the study-specific programming in statistics and he is always a competent contact person for the responsible statisticians and the customer.

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