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Our Values

Our values

Our values are the central anchor for our daily business. Maximum transparency is essential for the pharmaceutical research industry, and we always strive to find solutions that are tailored to needs, with optimized quality. Risk-based solution concepts do not mean that quality suffers, rather that they are designed to focus commitment on the important things without losing sight of the small ones!

Protecting the data we collect is a main pillar of our daily business. Your data is held on validated systems, on local security servers and protected in the most careful way - modern principles of TOMS (Technical and Organizational Measures from the GDPR) are always practiced. Our data protection principles are also reflected in this website: no cookies, no tracking - personal data not collected in the first place is the safest data!

Our professional endeavors are guided by sustainability principles, but personal interaction with one another is also an important good for us: respect for our colleagues as well as our customers can be expected from us! Consequently, we pay attention to optimal working conditions and the compatibility of family and career. Our way of working is characterized by mutual support and trust - not by competitive thinking.

We are sure: the combination of all skills into one unit is more than the sum of the individuals.

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Mrs. J. Brudel is at your disposal.

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New GCP Training Courses now available at SocraTec R&D

Our sister company SocraTec R&D has now added GCP training courses to their service portfolio.

From now on you can book the following training courses through their website:

Grundlagenkurs für Mitglieder eines Prüfungsteams bei klinischen Prüfungen nach der Europäischen Verordnung (EU) Nr. 536/2014 (Humanarzneimittel)

Aufbaukurs für Prüfer und Hauptprüfer bei klinischen Prüfungen nach der Europäischen Verordnung (EU) Nr. 536/2014 (Humanarzneimittel)

So if you are interested in taking these classes, go to the SocraTec R&D website to learn more. The first GCP training alreday starts in May 2023.