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Dr. Maike Narten

Dr. Maike Narten

Maike Narten, a graduated biologist with a profound scientific background and a markedly pronounced communication talent, discovered her interest in medical and pharmaceutical research very early on. Her keen perception and her ability to get acquainted to new subject areas quickly, together with her excellent English language skills, acquired during a long-term stay in the USA of several years, are a good foundation for her career as a medical writer.

Her enthusiasm for scientific discourses qualifies her to be an optimal partner for our clients during scientific advice projects as well as for our consultancy activities. This combination of qualifications enables her to accomplish a scientifically profound business development for our company.

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SocraMetrics at AGAH Annual Meeting 18-19 April!

We couldn't be prouder that our colleague Stephan Herrmann will be sharing his experience at AGAH e. V. Annual Meeting in Münster on 18-19 April. 

Stephan's session, titled "Why digital tools frequently fail", will shed light on the interplay between customers, developers, and users during software development. Having walked in all of these shoes, Stephan's mission is to raise awareness for the challenges inherent in this interaction, particularly in the context of decentralized clinical trials.